Cross del Pavo Ayamonte

Race Date: Saturday, 16/12/2017
Race Distance: Other - Run

Ayamonte is a little town in southern Spain near the border with Portugal. There is a keen running community and this weekend was Club Ayamonte's annual free "turkey cross country" held on a nearby golf course in Esuri. The usp here is that 1st prize is an oven ready turkey. Esuri, a new town largely deserted after the 2008 crash, was certainly busy on Saturday. There were eight separate races starting with children's races in two year age bands and ending with the seniors and vets. I was impressed by the people warming up, none of this mucking about 5 minute jog while looking for a discrete bush. They take their warming up seriously; skips, cariocas, heel flicks, high knees, strides, jumps, the works for a good half hour. The 5.8k mens race was 5 laps on rolling hills of dry felt-like lawn, mountain bike track and dirt trails. It was warm for December at 18 degrees and I started to struggle at the end but the whole event was huge fun. Nice surprise to come second in my age group, to stand on a podium and be awarded a trophy.