Mince Pi Run

Race Date: Sunday, 17/12/2017
Race Distance: Other - Run

Combining festive food, a mathematical constant and running, the Mince Pi Run (“runs of two decimal places”) is an enjoyable run around a 3.14 mile (Pi, geddit?) lap around Shalford Park and the River Wey, just south of Guildford. The lap is a mix of tarmac, trail, boardwalk, grass and riverside path with the highlight being a sudden steep sandy climb up to St Catherine’s Chapel before dropping right back down to river level. Runners can complete from 1 lap to the 10 lap Mince Pi Ultra, including the 8 lap Mince Pi Marathon (with an extra out and back section to make up the marathon distance). I managed four laps before deciding that I didn’t fancy another haul up the hill. A bountiful refreshment table is available at the lap point with drinks, twiglets, sausage rolls, twiglets, mince pies, twiglets and jelly babies, also twiglets! Finishers get a buff and Pi Pie Medal (so good they named it twice).