Marathon Swims 5k

Race Date: Saturday, 11/11/2017
Race Distance: Swim - 5 Km

This is a new event that was launched this year, run at the London Aquatics Centre. With 10 lanes in a 50m pool, the format is simple: up and back, under the rope, repeat x10 is 1km. Exit the pool and walk across to the start and repeat. I did the 5k 'half marathon' option, there was a 10k full option and 1k single lap challenge. They did their best to seed swimmers by predicted times but it's not an exact science. I was in the middle tranche which worked out fine, although you needed to be confident overtaking as there were a variety of swimming speeds and strokes going on. Often you needed to wait until it was safe to overtake, and let quicker swimmers through too. So I would say as an event it was quite fun, but more as a challenge to do a distance in an interesting format rather than to set an absolute best time you could do for that distance.