IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships

Race Date: Saturday, 09/09/2017
Race Distance: Tri - Half Ironman

The half IRONMAN world championships used to be held in Clearwater Florida. Given Hurricane Irma, it's a good job it's now in a different location each year. This year it was in Chattanooga Tennessee. They changed the usual Chattanooga course to make it harder. 860m of the 1900m was upriver. Most of the rest was across the river. The 1 loop 90km bike had 3408 feet of climbing, the half marathon run had 975feet of climbing. Good job I like hills. The athletes parade, welcoming banquet, general organisation, support from volunteers enroute, the wet suit strippers - yes they unzipped competitors and then expertly peeled the wet suits off us and the bike catchers - they reracked bikes for us after the bike leg, were all amazing. The finishers banquet was delicious as was all the food I ate after finishing. Who knew pizza was that good? Was that pizza at the athletes recovery zone the best pizza ever? Ok it wasn't, but it was delicious and very welcome. After doing a countless number of super sprint and sprint distance triathlons in my Australian days, I've found I love this longer distance. Aging, illness and persistent injuries mean I'll never be fast. Qualifying via roll down was a real privilege. It's probably an experience I'll never be able to repeat. But it's an opportunity I'm thrilled that I embraced. If anyone's doing an IRONMAN branded event, I definitely suggest going to the ceremony where they allocate world championship slots, for you never know, even if you don't qualify by right, like me, you might still end up with the pleaseure if being a participants at the Worlds. Splits swim 52minutes. T1 5:27. Bike 3:48:48. T2 3:53. Run. 2:33:57 total 7:24:05