Surrey County Road Relays

Race Date: Saturday, 02/09/2017
Race Distance: Other - Run

Fantastic turnout for the Surrey road relays starting at the Wimbledon Park track. We managed silver medals for the men's 40 team (Gordon, Neil, Keith and Carl) and men's 50 team (Volker, Norman, Mark and Gavin).
The usual jaunt around Wimbledon Park with its obvious and more subtle hidden hills. Well done to all who took part.

W35 Julia, Sune, Sophie, Kate - 1:17:37
W35 Bernadette, Kate, Lisa, Bronwyn - 1:23:22

W45 Julie, Chiara, Anneli - 1:03:14
W45 Jo, Lynne, Caroline - 1:31:48

SEN Stephen, Nick, Martin, Richard, Dave S, Kevin - 1:41:35
SEN Nayan, George, Gareth*, Bryn*, Phil, Keith* - 1:56:27

M40 Gordon, Neil, Keith, Carl - 1:07:43
M40 Gareth, James, Phil R, Henry - 1:13:50
M40 Bryn, Phil M, Jonathan, Yashis - 1:18:31
M40 Dave W, Dave Sh, Jasper, Craig - 1:29:20

M50 Volker, Norman, Mark, Gavin - 1:08:45
M50 Andrew, Grantley, Keith, Norman* 1:27:32

M60 Mike, Ed, Colin 1:09:57

Massive thanks to everyone and an extra round of thanks to those who ran an extra lap (Keith 16:16, Gareth 19:12, Norman 20:00 and Bryn 20:46). Not forgetting Dave Shute who having just completed Wimbledon parkrun ended up running an extra lap with just 10 minutes notice.