Resolution #1: try Windmilers' midweek training in the new year!

Whether you're new to Windmilers' midweek training or just haven't been for a long time - why not give it a go?  We start again for 2018 at Belgrave Hall (Wimbledon Village) on Tuesday 2 Jan - we meet twice a week on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Get there in good time (we start at 7.15), ring the bell, and the coach will buzz you in.  We meet upstairs in the back room; there are changing rooms and showers. Non-members are welcome to try one or two sessions before joining.

On Tuesdays there's more emphasis on speedwork, and on Thursdays we often include hills.  As long as the evenings remain light enough, we'll run on the Common; later on we'll switch to running on the roads.  Usually two coaches take separate groups, so we can cater for different abilities - runners also switch between groups if they've been injured or have done a race recently.  The session might involve repetitions - running a set distance faster than you normally run, recovering at a jog, then repeating several times.  Or we also do continuous runs with efforts (sometimes timed, sometimes to a landmark like a tree or lamp-post), called fartleks.

All this can help you get faster and stronger - helpful if you are thinking about racing, or just want to keep fit.  If you have any questions, get in touch with Dave Wood, coaching rep on or with Claire/Ralph communications reps on