Ironman UK

Race Date: Sunday, 16/07/2017
Race Distance: Tri - Ironman

The day started at 6am in a murky lake near Bolton, after 2 laps we jumped onto our bikes and rode off I tot he rain. Got quite cold up on the moors, very slippery & hilly course keeping average speeds slow. Sun came out for the second bit of the ride, Dave was still going strong, I'd given up racing and was cruising around enjoying the views and crowds. Some villages you actually felt like a TDF rider as there were so many people cheering you on. The sun got really hot just in time for a soul destroying marathon with hardly any flat bits. All in all an amazing day, but I did wonder why I was doing an Ironman in Bolton and not Nice next week. Dave make Kona with an astonishing result (joint 4th in age group, 23rd overall, 14th amateur). Lee's splits: 3800m swim - 1:12:22, 181k bike - 6:42:17, 42.2k marathon - 4:27:44. David's splits: 3800m swim - 57:15, 181k bike - 5:22:59, 42.2k marathon - 3:19:47.