Lakes Sky Ultra

Race Date: Saturday, 15/07/2017
Race Distance: Other - Run

56km and 4,500m of ascent. The world of sky running involves a route which takes in the most airy, rocky ridges the route master can find, with as much ascent as possible. Returning to the summit of Helvellyn for a second time was psychologically quite hard. The crux was a grade 3 scramble on St. Sunday Crag called Pinnacle Ridge, with occasional fixed ropes. The clag was down for the entire day, so there were no views. The entire course was marked with red flags, so navigation was easy. After a very sedentary six weeks with hip flexor problems, I did not feel all that confident. Unsurprizingly, my London legs weren't very good at the descents. I came in second V45, not that the field was particularly large. In conclusion, a wholesome day out in the hills, which hurt rather a lot.