Henley Mile Swim, Suits vs Skins - Suits

Race Date: Sunday, 09/07/2017
Race Distance: Swim - 1 Mile

The Henley Mile Swim takes place on the Henley Regatta course with a more or less straight mile downstream swim finishing at Temple Island. The day includes a range of swims from the mile, half mile and kids 200m splash with elite, open and (non-competitive) sporting categories. The event also includes the Suits vs Skins Challenge, a special category consisting of two swims, the first in the morning with a wetsuit (Suits), the second in the afternoon without (Skins), giving swimmers the chance to compare their suits and skins swim times and see how much benefit a wetsuit gives. With the sun shining and the water a reported 21.7 degrees celsius, it was a relief to get in the water for the start of the swims. Compared to previous years, there was no noticeable flow in the river and no effort was required to hold position while waiting for the start. Once the klaxon sounded, the elites disappeared into the distance and we settled into the swim. 800m to the orange halfway marker buoy, from which point Temple Island can be used as a sighting point and from the end of the boomed regatta course at the island it's an enjoyable 200m push to the finish, battling it out to hold off fellow swimmers or try to draft and overtake with a final surge. Overall Windmiler times for the Suits vs Skins Challenge: Charles - Suits: 29:09; Skins: 31:11; Total: 01:00:21; Ella - Suits: 30:14; Skins: 30:49; Total: 01:01:03