Parkland Relays: mens teams

Race Date: Wednesday, 14/06/2017
Race Distance: Parkland relays

This has to be one of the most fun events of the year. A summer evening, Richmond park at its best, 2.97 mile lap, the adrenaline rush of running with team mates and a social afterwards and a flurry of PBs. What more can you ask for. If you didn't get a PB you can blame the slightly longer course this year. We had 20 teams competing between Ladies and Gents. Team results were as follows:

Open A - James, David, Gareth & Stephen Hurley - 9th overall 1:04:44
Vets A - Carl, Mark R, Gavin & Mark B - 10th overall, 2nd vets 1:04:52
Vets B - Nathan, Gordon, Phil & Neil - 14th overall, 3rd vets 1:08:55:
Vets C - Norman, Simon, Guy & Stephen C - 29th overall, 8th vets 1:14:42
Open B - Nayan, Lowendo, James again, David again - 30th overall 1:15:17
Vets E - Oscar, Phil, Alan & Doug - 35th overall, 12th vets 1:17:22
Vets D - Bryn, Martin G, Martin J & Gordon again - 39th overall, 13th vets 1:19:12
Vets G - Mike B, Stephen Harland, Mike F & Colin - 50th overall, 18th vets 1:30
Vets F - Brian, Keith, Clon & Edward - 51st overall, 19th vets 1:30