LDWA Punchbowl Marathon (20 miles)

Race Date: Sunday, 12/02/2017
Race Distance: 20 Miles

A somewhat chilly damp day for the Punchbowl Marathon. Officially 20.6 miles, the event offered interesting opportunities for accidental further extension by the inattentive runner/walker. I overlooked the note in the route instructions which did mention that the 30 mile route, which had separated from the 20 mile one very early on, rejoined the 20 for less than a mile before separating again to take different routes through the village of Elstead. I caught up with a group of runners just before the crucial point where the routes separated again, & so took myself onto the 30 mile route without realising. After a few minutes doubts surfaced as nothing linked to the instructions - I stopped - then 2 runners behind assured me they were following a previous year's 20 mile route on some newfangled GPS device, so I carried on & suppressed doubt for a while longer, but they were too fast for me & I was left alone in darkest Surrey, running in the wrong direction. Back to actual maps & helpful passersby to get me back on route to the usual well-stocked friendly checkpoint. All part of the fun, and probably only got me to 22 miles total.