LDWA Punchbowl Marathon 30 miles

Race Date: Sunday, 12/02/2017
Race Distance: 50 Km

Officially 30 miles, but I got lost and Strava says I did 32. So it equates to just over 50kms and so I chose that, as there is no 30 mile option. A great day out. Friendly volunteers at start, all three checkpoints and at the end. They'd saved food for me and the other last few finishers. One other guy and I finished in the dark. Thank goodness for head torches. I only went wrong twice (once was a bad mistake though and really cost me a lot of time) and both times meant I had to really leg it to make it to the checkpoints before they closed. My recommendation for anyone slow like me is, do not hit the snooze button. Get there early and give yourself all day. A brilliant event. Strave says I moved for 7 hours 54 minutes. Can't quiet believe reading instructions, standing still looking confused when lost, chatting at checkpoints and taking photos toook 1 hour 46 minutes, but apparently they did.