Farnham Park Mabac 11am Sunday 29th May

Come and try out this NEW MABAC VENUE.

Round 3 of this years friendly Mabac cross country races is at a new location at Farnham Park.

All welcome - 5 mile full course or 2.5 mile for joggers and walkers.

For those of you who like to run in new locations, this will be the first Mabac at Farnham Park.

A chance to run an interesting cross country course in a picturesque part of Surrey and stop for an optional pub visit after the race.

We will be offering lifts from the Windmill or nearby - please contact mailto:comms@windmilers.org.uk if you need a lift or mailto:mabac@windmilers.org.uk (Colin) if any mabac questions.

Directions and map to course start: