Windmiler 5 x 5K Relays Sunday 22nd May 10am Windmill - Details for runners

There is NO TRAINING from the Windmill this Sunday due to the relays. You are welcome to join us for these (email or turn up at 9.30am on the day).

Here are details of this Sunday's 5 x 5K relays at the Windmill, Wimbledon Common 10 am (race start), 9.30am (Registration).

1) Fundraising for Daisy

As you know, we are fundraising at this event towards buying Daisy a Special Needs Buggy. There will be cakes and refreshments on sale at the event and so please bring along some change for this!

If you wish to, you can also make a voluntary entry fee (perhaps from £5) to help raise funds for Daisy's buggy. Of course, we are mindful that not everyone will want to donate and there is no obligation to do so if you would rather not. If you would rather donate online where the tax can be re-claimed then please visit :

2) The normal Sunday 10am Windmiler runs will not take place.

You CAN enter the relays on the day - please turn up at 9.30am.

3) Arrival Time - 9.30am (outside Windmill Cafe)

Please try and arrive at 9.30am so that each team can get together between 9.30am and 9.50am. At this point we will "fix" any teams that are not full and accommodate any "on the day" runners.

4) Teams

Alan has been busy putting the teams together so that all teams will finish in about the same time. The provisional teams can be seen in the attached pdf - note this just allocates people to teams and does not specify run order.

All teams will take about 2 hours 15 minutes to complete the run.

Note: we will have to make adjustments on the day when people can't attend/to deal with on the day runners but these teams will be the basis.

5) Parking

It is VERY likely that the Car Park will be come full on Sunday. Therefore, if you can, please try to use alternate transport (bike/walk/bus/share cars) or park OFF the Common (e.g. if you park in Inner Park Road it is a short 3 minute walk to the Windmill).

6) On the day

9.30am - 9.50am

When you arrive you will group into teams and be given a black bag with your instructions, numbers, a declaration sheet and other relevant materials.

You need to decide on the run order and complete the declaration sheet for your team.


Manage teams without 5 runners.


Move to start/finish.

This is a short distance from the Windmill.


Relay itself.

7) Helpers

Thanks to everyone who has and will help with the event. There will also be roles on the day (e.g. swapping marshalls half way through race, helping with setup) -if you hear any requests for help, please do so if you can.

This event is intended to primarily be a fun, sociable event mixing runners of different speeds. We also hope you will meet Windmilers you didn't know before and to help this we will have name labels for you to fill in.



Good luck and we hope you enjoy the day  :-)


Alan and Jeff

Race Organisers