Windmiler 5 x 5 Relays at 10am on Sunday 22nd May from the Windmill

We really hope you will join us for the Windmiler 5 x 5 Relays at 10am on Sunday 22nd May from the Windmill, Wimbledon Common.
This event really is for all members in the club WHATEVER speed you may run at and so no one should be worried about that.

It's a great social running event with a real mix of Windmilers and so we'd love to see you there.
This year we are also adding a fundraising element to the day and further details are given below.
The usual 10am Windmiler runs will NOT take place.

Stop press: we need to start putting teams together and so if you are planning to take part please email Alan Greene (or reply to this email) with:
Approx. 5K time:
Member: Y/N

*** What are the 5 x 5 Relays? ***
This event has been very popular when it has been organised since it's first running for the club's 25th anniversary (5 x 5 = 25 geddit :-)).

It is designed for runners of all speeds and we put the teams together ourselves so that :
All speeds are mixed up
Each team should take similar total times to complete the race.
People get to run with different people than they usually run with.
We encourage all Windmilers to take part, whether they usually run 3, 5, 7 or more miles on a Sunday or whether they don't usually run with the club at all on Sundays.

Therefore it has always been a great social Windmiler occasion and we hope that this year is no exception.

Further details will be given as we approach the event day and pre-registration will be encouraged (to help us set the teams).

*** Fundraising at the 5 x 5 Relays for Windmiler Stephanie Nimmo’s daughter Daisy ***

The Committee were approached by club members to consider a fundraising event to help fellow Windmiler Stephanie and her daughter Daisy. Generally the club's fundraising has taken place at the Open 10K in July but we have established a relationship with the Wimbledon Guild for this event for a few years now. However, the Committee felt that this cause was such a worthwhile one and one where Windmiler members could make a real difference close to home. Therefore, we decided to use the 5 x 5K relays as an opportunity for Windmilers to fundraise for Stephanie and Daisy and further details are given below.

Some of you may be aware that Stephanie Nimmo has a daughter called Daisy who has Costello Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition. Daisy is 11 years old and uses a wheelchair.

With spring firmly sprung and summer on the horizon, the prospect of some decent weather usually has us all itching to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Daisy of course feels exactly the same way about things but obviously "things" are not as straight forward for her and she could do with a little help.

So, potentially, here is where we could come in. We would love to raise some money to help towards buying a Delichon Delta Special Needs Buggy for Daisy as it has an attachment which converts into a Bike Trailer so that Stephanie could take her out cycling - a real chance for Daisy to do some off roading! The cost of the buggy is £2000.

On Sunday 22nd May, the Wimbledon Windmilers will be gathering for their annual 5 X 5 relay races and as always, there will be no entry fee. However, we would like to suggest that all participants pay a voluntary entry fee (perhaps from £5) to help raise funds for Daisy's buggy. Of course, we are mindful that not everyone will want to donate and there is no obligation to do so if you would rather not.

So please do come along and run at this event. There will be the opportunity to make a donation on the day of the race but also a charitychoice webpage has been setup for anyone who wants to make an online donation (and also gift aid the tax from your donation):

Please see the following for further details:

We hope to see you there.

Happy 5 x 5 !!!
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Fantastic turn out today a

Fantastic turn out today a huge thank you to all Windmilers who ran, baked, and supported today. We raised £855 in cash on the day - THANK YOU and we also have the online donations so Daisy will have her wheels!! Well done everyone you are amazing.