Windmiler Night Run - Tuesday 1st March 7pm Wimbledon Rugby Club

NOTE: there will be NO fast/intermediate training groups but the Protraining group WILL take place.

Fun and adventure in the dark with the Windmilers? Intrigued ... read more.

Following last winter's successful experiment, we will undertake this winter's night run on the Common on Tuesday 1 March; this will take place at the normal training time. There will be no normal training on this night.

There is the opportunity to do this run as a race, as an individual run or to run as part of a led group. We are also looking for marshals and helpers (we need 17 helpers to put this event on). Please advise and if you are able to help.

Meet at the rugby club at 7 for 7.15pm. The route is about 3.5 miles: a link to the race route, which also shows the route from the rugby club is here:

Please wear light coloured clothing/hi-viz; you MUST wear a head-torch or carry a hand-torch (if you don't have a torch you will not be able to race).

Please wear trail shoes if you have them, be prepared for slippery conditions, carry a mobile if you can (for safety reasons we will be taking participants' mobile numbers at registration); so that you can stay warm as you cheer in the slower runners, please bring a jacket or fleece to put on at the finish (you can leave it at the start)."

We'll go to the Common and return to the rugby club as a group. Any non-members who want to join in will be asked to sign a disclaimer.

Running at night is an adventure and you should be aware of the hazards. It will be very dark, unlike the well-lit streets that we normally train on in winter. If you run regularly on the common you will probably have run on the paths we will use but they will look different in the dark - you may need to run more slowly. Do expect and watch out for potholes, tree roots and branches, and mud. Please DO make sure you have fresh batteries in your torch & test how bright it is before the race, as it may not cast as much light as you expect.


We ran the course on Weds night (24 Feb).  Conditions will definitely be muddy in places such as the path by Beverley Brook.  More volunteers are needed - we are up to 10 but need 17 to put the run on,  Please contact if you can help.