Running research project - please help with your personal bests

Can you help with running research project undertaken by Windmiler Trevor de Silva a UK Athletics Level 4 coach?

Trevor is a long-standing Windmiler and contributor to running education and practice at the club. As part of a project involving work on critical lactate thresholds, recovery rates, running efficiency/VO2 max etc, he would like some information from Windmilers on personal bests at certain distances. He has done a similar exercise before for the Sri Lankan Cycling Federation that yielded interesting results but this project looks specifically at running.

It won't take you long to complete and the results will be made available to the club.

The analysis and evaluation will NOT contain names, just Runner 1, Runner 2, (R1, R2 etc)
All data will be treated in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Individual runners will only be contacted if clarification is needed and/or if that individual specifically indicates that they would be happy with further contact (e.g. analysis of that individual's results) but you can easily opt for no further contact!

Any questions then please contact Trevor on

If you would like to help, please do the following:

1) Open an email to Trevor ( ) and please put RP2012 as the subject of the email

2) Copy the table and question below (between the *asterisks*) and paste into the email to Trevor.

3) Complete your personal bests and dates that you know for the distances listed (just leave blank those that you don't know)

4) Answer the question below about further contact.

5) Send the email to Trevor!

On behalf of Trevor, thanks for your help with this!


Table of Personal Bests:

Distance                                      Time                                   Date
1/2 mile
1 mille
1/2 Marathon

I am happy to be contacted as described above (Yes or No)?