Men's Surrey League Cross Country - Lightwater


Lightwater is a well know course from MABACs but it has been a few years since we have been there for a Surrey League. On a fine day we had an excellent turnout, with 22 attendees. The results on the day were excellent - WW is leading the league by over 100 points. Our last scoring runner would have made 5th on any other team. All this despite our first DNF for a while, perhaps suggesting that there is more to come.

Thank you to all for making the effort to attend especially those able to offer lifts to others. Special thanks who made it to the pub after the event.

I would expect a stronger challenge from Runneymede next time (currently 3rd) and Tadworth are applying our tactics of close packing. Clearly two teams to watch, though a couple of people have suggested they will try to make it for Epsom meaning we can continue to improve.

The next event (at Epsom) will involve much longer hills and it will be important to attend Thursday night hill sessions to prepare. Hard work over the next 4 weeks could lead to a 10s per man improvement. On average this would move us all up 1 place - a useful challenge for next time?