Windmile on the Common - Tuesday 9th June 6.50pm Rugby Club

No training on this night - for details of the race click Read More

On Tuesday 9th  June we will hold the Windmile on the Common instead of usual training.  This is a mile on a trail, in a straight(ish) line, and everyone is welcome to have a go!  We will need about 6 volunteers - if you can help, please e-mail beforehand.


Please go to the rugby club for 6.50pm  to collect numbers.


The itinerary is as follows:

6.50pm-7.15pm registration & number collection 

7.15pm, jog to the common as warm up (we'll pass the finish point of the race first and can leave clothes etc there)

7.45pm, race starts near the Windmill and continues along the main track towards Gravelly Hill

8.05pm - jog back to the Rugby Club for results and presentations

8.30pm - post-race social at the Rugby Club.


There will be prizes for 1st place (senior, vet, super vet & vintage).