Heart Conditions

Do you have, or have you suffered from, a heart condition? A cardiologist is going to write something for us on running and heart conditions for the next issue of the waffle. It would be a bonus to hear from you too. Click the 'Read more' button to find out more.


Please forward the following information:


When and how did you discover your condition?

What was your diagnosis?

What medical advice were you given regarding fitness and running?

Has it changed how you run, and if so, in what way?

Any other information you deem would be interesting/beneficial for readers.


Please send to olwenseear@gmail.com.


If you would wish to remain anonymous please let me know and your name will not be mentioned. Otherwise, send a proud photo of yourself along with your article!


Many thanks. It will make very good reading and gleaned knowledge for readers to pass on to family and friends.