Tue/Thu eve, 7 for 7.15 depart, Belgrave Hall

Location: Belgrave Hall, Denmark Road, SW19 4PG. (Google Map - Street View)

Time: from 7pm, runners gather to speak to coaches and each other. 7.15pm start.

The links at the top R of the home page show where we run the main part of the session. One of the sessions is always likely to take place close to the clubhouse, so if you're getting started (or returning from injury) then those may be suitable options.

From the end of April until September, most sessions take place on the common. With the exception of 3 Mile Handicaps, club sessions start from Belgrave Hall.

Tuesdays focus on speed endurance, and Thursdays involve hills. But the sessions follow a similar format. 

7.15 - club announcements, then depart and warm up by heading to the location for the main session.

Around 7.30 (depending on the distance) - coach will explain the session in more detail, and we may run one repetition as a group. Then the main part of the session starts. As a rough rule, they tend to involve up to 5k of 'effort', usually broken up with recoveries.

Around 8 - cool down, back to the hall.

Around 8.15-30 - stretching and water.    

Some sessions such as fartleks or the Seven Hills may be continuous runs and won't follow the same structure, so check with the Coaching Reps in advance to see whether the session is suitable for you. Email coaching@windmilers.org.uk with questions.