Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee Minutes

Date:  Monday 25th April 2022

Start time: 20.00

Finish time: 21:32

Venue: Wimbledon Village Club


  • John Sabourin (JS) President
  • Anne Davies (AD) Secretary
  • Kate Dancer (KD) Treasurer
  • Phil Reeves (PR) Men’s Team Captain
  • Ella Waddingham (EW) Women’s Team Captain
  • Bernadette Maher (BM) Women’s Team Captain
  • Hannah Carr (HC) Social
  • Claire Morgan (CM) Membership Rep
  • Sally Bovill (SB) Membership Rep
  • Colin Harris (CH) Events Rep
  • Diane Carter (DC), Coaching Rep
  • Kate Carter (KC) Comms Rep


  • Richard Cohen (RC) Welfare Officer
  • Claire Boynton (CB) Welfare Officer
  • Andrew Jones (AJ) Multi-sport Rep
  • James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain
  • Norman Urquia (NU), Coaching Rep
  1. Apologies, welcome & intro (JG)
  2. There were no minutes to review, since the minutes of last meeting were approved before the AGM by the previous committee (JG)
  3. Welfare update, Run&Talk
    1. The committee welcomed Claire Boynton into the Welfare Officer role alongside Richard Cohen
    1. A Run&Talk event is scheduled for 15th May, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week. This year’s theme is loneliness. The event will meet at the Windmill and will involve a series of groups, including a walking group.
  4. Diversity & Inclusion (CM)
    1. CM reported that the club survey is imminent and will review the level of diversity in the club, as well as the level of participation in club activities
    1. As part of our outreach activities the club has engaged with Wimbledon Parkrun to offer pacers on the first Saturday of each month, plus post event cake and Q&As about training, running, races etc. The club will invite all Windmilers to participate as pacers and this would also give club members the opportunity to learn pacing skills in a less stressful environment (not a race).
    1. The Diversity & Inclusion team plans to reach out to other clubs who have stronger representation of minorities and see how they manage microaggressions in the running arena. PR and KC offered support for this initiative
  5. Event update (incl. decision on open event) (CH)
    1. MABAC participation has been slow to recover after the pandemic.
    1. ACTION: DC & NU to ask coaches to mention upcoming MABAC events
    1. ACTION: BM to prepare a MABAC ‘explainer’ for the Waffle and to mention upcoming MABAC events in the club team messaging groups
    1. ACTION: PR & DC to prepare a proposal for a club Grand Prix
    1. The Wimbledon MABAC is on 2nd August. It was agreed that the club will pay for a buffet, as in previous years.
    1. The Quarter Marathon open event will not take place this year and will be reconsidered for next year, race calendar permitting.
    1. The Windmile on the common is proposed for Friday 24th June.
  6. Social plans (HC)
    1. A series of social events is planned and will be communicated to club members
    1. ACTION: AD to forward awards dinner venue details to HC
  7. Coaching update (DC)
    1. One coach has offered to lead a session for faster runners wanting to focus on performance
    1. ACTON: DC and the relevant coach to prepare a proposal for a new session for faster runners wanting to focus on performance
    1. It was observed that the number of coaches available to lead sessions has dropped, making it hard to provide some sessions such as the Sunday social 7-mile run on a regular basis
    1. ACTION: KC to initiate club comms to promote members’ interest in taking the LiRF and CiRF coaching courses
    1. ACTION: DC to prepare a proposal for which sessions are to be added or dropped from the club training programme
    1. ACTION: KD to contact idVerde about track bookings when the track is closed for repairs
  8. Multisport update
    1. AJ reported via email that the club’s swimming and cycling continue to grow in popularity. There have also been multisport social events and a bike maintenance session
    1. ACTION: AJ to ensure that multisport activities are communicated through the main club communication channels (newsletter & website) so that all members are informed
    1. ACTION: HC to work with Kit Representative Caroline Helder to prepare a proposal for new club running & triathlon kit, for discussion at the June committee meeting
  9. Priorities and activities for the year (JG)
    1. The actions arising from the open discussion after the AGM meeting were reviewed
    1. ACTION: JG to form a plan to fill the webmaster vacancy. A number of volunteers have expressed an interest.
    1. ACTION: JG to encourage existing coaches to take England Athletics’ first aid training course that is now mandatory for new coaches.
  10. Policies & risk assessments (AD)
    1. The approval of the updated coaching policy was confirmed
    1. ACTION: AD to circulate an updated version of the Role Descriptions document for approval
    1. The next policy documents in preparation for review are the new ‘Volunteers Handbook’ (to be finalised with Welfare) and the new ‘Membership categories & fees policy’ (to be finalised with Membership & Treasurer)

Next committee meeting: Monday 20th June 2022