Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee Minutes

Date:  Tuesday 24 August 2021

Start time: 20.00

Finish time: 21:39

Venue: Virtual meeting (Zoom)


  • John Sabourin (JS) President
  • Anne Davies (AD) Secretary
  • Gavin Mclaughlan (GM) Treasurer
  • Ella Waddingham (EW) Women’s Team Captain
  • Claire Morgan (CM) Membership Rep
  • Kate Dancer (KD) Membership Rep
  • Andrew Black (AB), Coaching Rep
  • Hannah Carr (HC) Comms Rep


  • Phil Reeves (PR) Men’s Team Captain
  • James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain
  • Colin Harris (CH) Events Rep
  • Norman Urquia (NU), Coaching Rep
  • Amy Prescott (AP) Social
  • Jo Burge (JB) General Member
  • Kate Carter (KC) Comms Rep
  • Chiara Samele (CS) Women’s Team Captain
  • Andrew Jones (AJ) Multi-sport Rep
  1. Apologies, welcome, intro (KM)
  2. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted (AD)
  3. Welfare (JS)
    1. JS informed the committee that a Diversity & Inclusion group has been set up and has had its first meeting. Proposals for action will follow in due course.
    1. A #Run&Talk event is planned for 26th September, replacing regular Sunday social runs.
    1. ACTION: JS to obtain a #Run&Talk event paragraph from the Mental Health Champions for HC to post on social media.
    1. The Welfare Officers placed a welfare paragraph for new members in the club newsletter.
  4. Action log follow-up (AD)
    1. ACTION: KM to communicate the WPCC charity donation in conjunction with the next litter picking event.
    1. ACTION: HC/AP to put a social event call-out in social media for volunteers to form a social sub group to arrange a potential late summer sports gathering at the track.
  5. Comms updates, including website (HC, KC)
    1. The new club website is ready for review by a panel of 25 members who have volunteered to provide feedback.
    1. ACTION: AD to ask webmaster to review functionality of the specialist newsletters for the men’s and women’s teams. Until confirmed as fully functional, specialist messages to go out in the general club newsletter.
  6. Constitution update; approval of welfare policies & privacy statement (AD)
    1. The project to update the club constitution has progressed to first draft stage and a second draft will shortly be available for committee review.
    1. The Diversity & Inclusion policy and Disciplinary policy are now approved for posting on the club website.
    1. The privacy statement is approved for posting on the club website after a sentence to clarify the nature of special category data is added.
    1. The next policies for approval will be the Safeguarding policy, Volunteer handbook and Coaching policy.
  7. Financial update (GM)
    1. The club’s surplus has grown because expenditure remains low in the absence of clubhouse bookings and race costs.
    1. ACTION: KM/AD/GM to review clubhouse needs in early October and form a proposal for discussion.
  8. Coaching update and track bookings (AB/NU)
    1. AB provided an overview of the club’s transition back to ‘normal’ functioning as the pandemic restrictions are released, summarising changes made to Sunday social runs, weekday sessions and track sessions in the light of the fact that there remains an ongoing Covid-19 risk.
    1. ACTION: AB/NU to arrange a coaching discussion to identify options in relation to group size and EA’s recommended coaching ratio, and whether to continue using advance registration for some sessions.
    1. ACTION: AB/NU to review and update the coaching policy to ensure that it reflects current practice.
    1. AB presented a proposal to book an extra hour at the track, increasing the weekly booking from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The club benefited from an extra hour free of charge in the period following lockdown. It was agreed to pay for the extra hour for the remainder of the year and to review and make a decision about ongoing bookings by the last track session in mid-December.
    1. ACTION: GM/AB/NU/ to discuss discounts with the track service supplier idVerde and cost out the options, to be circulated to the committee before the next committee meeting.
  9. Multisport update (AJ)
    1. Update to follow.
  10. Review of calendar, including social events (CH, Team captains, AP)
    1. This year’s events have included the 3-mile handicap series, Windmiler-hosted MABAC and Windmile on the Common.
    1. Forthcoming MABAC events include Lightwater Country Park 19 Sep, Nonsuch Park 24 Oct, Farley Heath 21 Nov.  Possible extra MABAC in December.
    1. Potential club events include Windmile on the track (October) Darkness Dash (November), Club Championships (December).
    1. Surrey Cross-Country league races may also be happening, with WW helping to organise one.
    1. The Rangers Open Day due to be held 15th August was postponed and may be held later in the year, maybe with some WW helping with the car parking.

Next committee meeting: Tuesday 2nd November 2021 (to be confirmed)