Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee Minutes

Date:  Monday 18th March 2024

Start time: 19.30

Finish time: 21:09

Venue: Online meeting


  • Claire Morgan (CM) President & Membership Rep
  • Anne Davies (AD) Secretary
  • Dieter Schlegel (DS) Treasurer
  • Richard Cohen (RC) Welfare Officer & Men’s Team Captain
  • Simon Wright (SR) Men’s Team Captain
  • Sally Windle (SW) Events Rep
  • Diane Carter (DC) Coaching Rep – will be 15 mins late
  • Peter McCloskey (PM) Coaching Rep
  • Andy Tan (AT) Multisport Rep
  • Isabel Gwyther (IG) Multisport Rep
  • Kate Carter (KC) Comms Rep
  • Mia Lockner (ML) Comms Rep
  • Caroline Ferrari (CFe) General Member


  • Sally Bovill (SB) Membership Rep
  • Hannah Carr (HC) Social Rep
  • Bernadette Maher (BM) Women’s Team Captain
  • Jack Derges (JD) General Member
  • Duncan Newbury (DN) Events Rep
  • Ella Waddingham (EW) Women’s Team Captain
  • Lindsay Doy (LD) Multisport Rep
  • Shirley Twist (ST) Welfare Officer


  1. JG welcomed the new committee            
  2. Minutes
    1. The minutes of last meeting were approved before the AGM by the previous committee
    1. The AGM minutes were approved for posting on the website, to be approved by members at the 2025 AGM. Yes 13, No 0, Abstain 0     
  3. Welfare, Health & Safety – no issues reported   
  4. Finance
    1. Updating club bank account signatories: The signatories for the club bank account will be updated to replace Kate Dancer and Gavin McLoughlan with Dieter Schlegel, John Gorst and Anne Davies.
  5. Policies & risk assessments
    1. Charitable giving policy. AD commented that this policy describes the principles of how the club selects the charities that it supports
    1. ACTION: CFe, CM & RC to review the draft Charitable Giving Policy and circulate for committee review, with a view to approval at the next committee meeting.
    1. Decision Guidelines: AD summarised how the committee operates, for the benefit of new committee members. She then introduced the proposed new Decision Guidelines, prepared by BM with advice from member Anneli Collins.
  6. Club name on kit
    1. As a test of the proposed Decision Guidelines, the guideline principals were applied to the example of using a shortened club name on some casual wear kit.  The outcome suggested that the proposal did not meet the criteria for a wider club consultation.
    1. ML questioned why we would make this change to our brand. If you want people to buy into it you need to explain it.
    1. RC commented that if a member is representing the club in a wider environment, they would wear the full club name. He also noted that the summer vest is not registered as race kit
    1. CFe asked why we would change our name. JG clarified that the club name is not being changed. It is in addition to the normal club name and is a casual format to be used on casual leisurewear clothing.
    1. KC explained that the introduction of a casual leisurewear is normal practice for sports brands. The items are designed to be worn outside the sport.
    1. AD added that leisurewear is new for the club and is not intended to replace technical training kit
    1. DS commented that members will purchase according to personal preference
    1. AD referred to ML’s comment and added that the potential downside is the risk of diluting and weakening the club’s brand.
    1. ACTION: KC – New kit communications to include an explanation of the rationale behind the branding on the new leisurewear
  7. Next steps for training and leisurewear kit
    1. VOTE: Do you approve the proposed designs for the following items:
      1. Jumper with ‘Windmilers’ name (deep red with white text & logo or grey with deep red text & logo)
      1. Hoody with ‘Wimbledon Windmilers’ name (black with white text)
      1. Joggers with ‘Wimbledon Windmilers’ name (black with white text & logo)
      1. Summer vest with ‘Windmilers’ name (red to white fade with red text)

Yes x 13, No x 0, Abstain x 1

  • Generic club training kit with online ordering – forwarded to the next committee meeting. AD noted that the club’s PB Teamwear and SaddleDrunk accounts remain open, with members still occasionally making purchases.
  • Coaching
    • Track sessions: PM summarised the forthcoming changes in track sessions, with a reduction to one Saturday session and the addition of a Wednesday evening session.
    • Sunday socials: DC proposed that the number of Sunday social runs will need to be reduced, due to low coach availability. The social runs could be 3 & 6 miles (replacing 3, 5 & 7 miles). Currently the 5-mile group is by far the most popular. JG expressed some caution for members wanting to transition up from 3 miles. DS expressed concern about coaches managing larger group sizes. DC explained that experienced runners help the coach to manage a larger group and it works well. The forthcoming coaches meeting will address group management. AD asked whether we can expect coach availability for Sunday socials to continue to be low? DC explained that Sunday coaches are already encouraging members to train as coaches. PM referred to the government’s ‘Coach to 5k’ programme and suggested it would be beneficial for the club to think more widely about how we can support members joining the club as part of the programme, the 3-mile handicap being an obvious entry event for them. IG was reluctant to lose the 7-mile group or lead larger groups and would like to discuss further. JG encouraged positive communications on any changes made.
  • Multisport
    • AT proposed the idea of a club Zwift group, having already tested the idea by organising a Zwift training group with a group of club members. Zwift can be used for both cycling and running. It is opt-in, so members must apply to join. RC commented that the club would require it to be communicated to all members. It would be treated as a social media platform, equivalent for club governance purposes to the Strava group. AT plans to test it further before making a recommendation for it to become a club platform.
    • IG informed the committee that Monday swimming will now offer a taster session, with the only requirement being confidence in the water and the ability to swim 25 metres. The intention is to attract swimmers of all abilities.
  • Events  
    • SW & DN are working on a programme of events to be communicated via the Comms team.
  • Comms
    • Website: The development site received a positive response when shown at the AGM. Web pages are now being developed and progress is being made.
    • Club business cards: JG proposed the idea of having club information cards to hand out to potential members. RC suggested QR codes may be more effective, since many people no longer carry a wallet. Other suggestions included a club-branded ICE shoe-tag or a sticker.
    • ACTION: JG to prepare a proposal for a club information card or equivalent item to share club details