Where To Run


We are fortunate in having plenty of good places to run. The following are all traffic-free and excellent for daytime running.  If you want to see where we run on which day then check out our Training Schedule.  

  • Wimbledon Common is where we are based. There are plenty of bridleways and paths on the common, as well as reputedly over a million trees. You can run a circular course of 7 km (4½ miles) or more. This is where we hold our 3-mile handicap races in the summer. The course of our 10K is partly on the common, partly on the road alongside. The Common has its own website which includes a map of the common. 
  • Richmond Park (PDF Map) has a good perimeter track/path of something over 11km (7 miles). There are plenty of other paths, and you&;ll probably be able to see the deer grazing. There&;s also a motor road which has car traffic during the day, but is good for running when the park is closed to traffic at night. After our Sunday morning social run on Wimbledon Common, some of us continue into Richmond Park for a further five or seven miles (8 or 11 km). 
  • The Thames towpath from Putney to Richmond, and on to Kingston, is where our marathoners tend to do their longer training runs.

For the winter evenings, come along to our training sessions to learn about some good road routes. For example, try these:

  • Seven hills (about 14 km / 8½ miles, hilly). From the clubhouse in Barham Road, run up Copse Hill to the intersection of Ridgeway and Arterberry Road. From here the course goes back and forth between Ridgeway (top) and Worple Road (bottom), with short distances along each as needed. Go down Arterberry Road, up The Downs, down Edge Hill, up Thornton Hill/Thornton Road, down Denmark Road/Denmark Avenue, up Spencer Hill/Murray Road, down Ridgeway Place. Turn round and retrace your steps all the way back. You&;ll now be going up each hill you came down, and down each hill you came up. 
  • Into the Park (about 10 km / 6 miles, undulating then flat). From the clubhouse in Barham Road, go down Hood Road and along the path through to the A3 Kingston By-Pass. Turn right and go north until you reach the footbridge. Cross using the footbridge and then left up the path between the houses. Continue up Coombe Hill Road until you reach Coombe Lane, then immediately right into Golf Club Drive. Continue straight ahead past the clubhouse, where the road becomes a narrower winding lane, then left along Warren Cutting, right along Warren Road. Cross Kingston Hill and enter Richmond Park by Ladderstyle Gate. Go right, either along the &;yellow brick road&; (track) or (at night, when it is dark) along the road. Continue until you reach Robin Hood Gate. Exit the park, turn right and run a short distance up Kingston Vale, then left into Robin Hood Lane. After half a mile (1 km), go left and right into Robin Hood Way alongside the A3. Continue southwards until you reach the footbridge, cross and return to the clubhouse. 
  • The tennis courts (about 10 km / 6 miles, some hills). From the clubhouse in Barham Road, run up Copse Hill. Turn left into Ernle Road, continue ahead along Woodhayes Road. At Crooked Billet the main road swings left, but we continue straight ahead along Southside Common. Cross Wimbledon High Street into Marryat Road. Then go briefly right along Somerset Road and left into Church Road. Pass the All England tennis courts on your left. Fork half-left up Victoria Drive, go left into Kingsmere Road and left again along Inner Park Road and left into Parkside. Continue south along Parkside, fork right into Cannizaro Road and along West Side Common (use the path by the houses), then retrace the outbound route: Woodhayes Road, Ernle Road and Copse Hill.