Welfare at the Wimbledon Windmilers

Your club Welfare Officers:

Lorna Young

Richard Cohen

If you are concerned about something that's happened to you, or to a friend, at the club, you can email the welfare officers confidentially for advice using the address: welfare@windmilers.org.uk


The Welfare Officers will:

  • Deal with confidential matters that may arise related to athletes, and have an understanding and an appropriate way to deal with such matters
  • Be responsible for the promotion of codes of conduct to members
  • Receive, record, and pass on to the appropriate body any concerns relating to the welfare of vulnerable adults
  • Support the registration of all personnel involved with the club/organisation (Disclosure and Barring Service - DBS checks)
  • Recognise the difference between poor practice according to club rules, and matters that would be seen as welfare issue

As a member of the Windmilers, it is important that you read and abide by the code of conduct (available on this page). If you feel in any way that others within the club are not following these codes of conduct then you should contact a welfare officer as soon as possible.

Our welfare and disciplinary policies are reviewed from time to time to ensure they are in line with latest EA guidance.