Cycling - Wednesday evenings (summer)

Summer only - Wednesdays at 7:15pm in Richmond Park - meet from 7pm for a prompt start.

Most sessions have the format of a coached section in the car park at the start (technique and instruction), followed by a ride in the park, which is officially uncoached (but led/guided by a coach). Sessions are complete by 8.30pm, or earlier depending on the available light.

2018 Summer Season schedule below.

Meeting at Pen Ponds Car Park - If entering the park at Robin Hood Gate, go straight on across the roundabout and we are about 1km down the track. Wear club kit if you have it (and if the weather allows) 

25th April       Intro – Group riding and awareness, safety, triathlon rules. (3 mile time trial)

2nd May        Hill training -  Broomfield/Dark Hill reps in many new and exciting ways

9th May       Safe and speedy cornering technique

16th May       Transition/Brick session (speed session for non-runners)

23rd May       Speed/interval training - focus on cadence

30th May       Hill training - Broomfield/Dark Hill reps in many new and exciting ways

6th June       Uncoached speed training. 3-5x 3 mile loop, efforts between the roundabouts.  (DW away)

13th June      Hill training - Broomfield/Dark Hill reps (DW away) followed by supporting of the relays  

20th June     Uncoached Richmond Park full laps (x2 or x3) (DW away)

27th June     Uncoached Speed/interval training  (DW away)

4th July        Transition/Brick Session (Speed session for non-runners) 

11th July      Speed/interval training  (DW away)

18th July       Hill training - Broomfield/Dark Hill reps (DW away)

25th July       Drills (in zero car zone) – e.g. single leg, nutrition on the move. Then full lap - group riding/chain gang.

1st August     Speed/Interval training

8th August    Hill training (DW Away) 

15th August    Transition/Brick session

22nd August    end of season time trial (full lap)

29th August    Speed/Interval training (DW Away!)