Cambridge Avenue


From clubhouse, down Copse Hill, Westcoombe Ave, under subway, through alley between the golf courses, out onto Cambridge Ave. (Cambridge Ave runs along to meet Trapps Lane).

Distance from clubhouse: 0.92 miles

Cambridge Ave is a straight, flat residential road. As it has a dead end at the alley, there should not be an abundance of vehicles.

Hard Session:

Start from alley and run along Cambridge to Linkside, on the right. Jog up part of Linkside and back for recovery. Run the straight in reverse. Jog recovery along alley. Alternating starts.

Easy Session:

First rep same as for the hard session, but jog back to the start for recovery, so starting each rep from the alley.

Distance: 310m
Recovery: Hard Session: Linkside 100m, Easy Session: Cambridge 310m


Easy: 2 x 4-5 reps
Hard: 2 x 6 reps
Performance: tbc

As the road is straight it makes it tough mentally, so teaches runner to stay focussed. And being flat, should enable runners to concentrate on speed skills, standing tall, running on balls of feet, etc.


Hard group could have a 30 sec jog recovery on the spot