Drax Avenue


Very close to the clubhouse. Therefore runners should go up Copse Hill and turn left into Almer Road and left again down Drax Ave to Barham Road to ensure a decent warm up.

Distance from clubhouse: 100m

A good combination of hill climbing, sprinting and downhill running.


From Drax, a 200m uphill run, then turn left into Almer Road for a 95m sprint along the top,turn left into Ellerton Road for a downhill sprint of about 154m. Jog recovery along Barham Road.

It is slightly easier starting in Ellerton as this is not as steep as Drax. Run uphill for 154m, across Almer and finish with a 200m sprint down Drax. Jog recovery along Barham Road.

Distance: 449m

Recovery: 140m


Easy: 2 x 5 reps (or 2 x 15 mins)
Hard: 2 x 6 reps (or 2 x 20 mins)
Performance: tbc


1). Session is sometimes done as a parlauf where runners run in pairs. One stands at the bottom of Ellerton and the other at Drax. One of the pairs runs the route and their partner waits until they finish before they run in the opposite direction. The first runner jogs along Barham Road in time for their partner finishing, so that the first runner can head off again. (The first runner runs A to B while their partner waits at B. The second runner then runs B to A while the first runner jogs along Barham Road in time to meet the second runner coming down the hill at point A).

2). This course is sometimes used for a timed effort, where the runners head off in the same direction and repeat the loop for 15-20 minutes. This is usually repeated, totalling two sets.

Speed, strength and stamina all rolled into one session!