Training Session - Home Park Road

Session: Home Park Road

Description: Long run from club house up Copse Hill, through the Village, down Home Park Road.

Starting point: is just over halfway along Home Park Road (precise location at coach’s discretion – see note below on variations). This is a good location for “Kenyan hills:” runners are given a time limit for running at an even pace up and down the hill, a recovery of c. 4 minutes, then a second set time.

Distances: 500m (uphill) (Home Park Road is about 950m in length) 7.3 km or 4.5 miles round trip from clubhouse

Group Repetitions and sets

Easy: n/a (too far from club)
Hard: 12 minutes x 2

Location Route: Map of the session (TBA)

Session goal: Development of strength (& endurance).

Predominant type of session: Hill training

Health and Safety: Night-time session - coaches and runners to be aware of traffic particularly when crossing roads on the way to Home Park Road. Runners should wear white/reflective clothing or lights. Home Park Road itself is wide and fairly quiet with little through traffic (though care should be taken at the top of the hill, where traffic may turn in) and comparatively few parked cars. Because of its advantages, the hill is used for training by other runners; boarders sometimes use it for downhill training.

Warm-up: The session is at some distance from the club house – the run there is a warm up in itself. However specific warm up for hill training such as high knees may be undertaken.

Cool-down/stretch: Cool down is slow jog back to clubhouse followed by stretching for recovery. Particular attention should be paid to quads, hip flexors, calves and glutes, after hills.

Variations: Home Park Road includes both a long hill and a long flat section. It is possible to tailor the proportion of hill training in the session to the specific needs of the runners, depending on where the rep starts and stops. Runners with tired legs or an imminent race can start further back on the flat and turn half way up the hill, those who need to work on strength can begin closer to the bottom of the hill and run to the top.

This can also be done as a traditional hills session with one set of 6 hard reps, recovery down the hill.