Training Session - Hillview & Heights

Session: Hillview & Heights

Description Hill training session on Hillview and Heights Close. The session is “Kenyan hills” – timed sets (eg 12 minutes x 2) where the runners aim to make a similar effort up and downhill (recovery is between sets). First set – start at the bottom of Hillview, run to the end (at the fork, go right), back down to bottom. Second set – start at the bottom of Hillview, continue up the left fork (Heights Close) and run to the end, back down to bottom. (This order should be followed as Heights is steeper, for which they need to be warmer.)

As the location is close to the club, the roads are quiet, and the runners simply do as few or as many reps as they can manage in the time, this session is suitable for a mixed hard/easy group.

Hillview: 160m Hillview/Heights: 180m

Group Repetitions and sets:

Easy 12 minutes x 2
Hard 12-15 minutes x 2
Performance 15-18 minutes x 2?

Location Approx 0.75 mile from club

Route Map of the session

Session goal: Development of strength (strength endurance).

Predominant type of session: Hill training.

Health and Safety: Night-time session - coaches and runners to be aware of traffic particularly when crossing roads. Runners should wear white/reflective clothing or lights. The roads are cul-de-sacs so traffic is limited, but care should be taken on Heights because of the corner.

Warm-up: The session is comparatively close to the club house – so specific warm up for hill training such as high knees should be undertaken.
Cool-down/stretch: Cool down is slow jog back to clubhouse followed by stretching for recovery. Particular attention should be paid to quads, hip flexors, calves and glutes, after hills.

Variations: The hills could also be used for straightforward reps (4-6 x 2)