Burdett Cottenham

Session Burdette and Cottenham

Starts and finishes approx. 10m before top of Cottenham Road (i.e. before alleyway). Rep consists of a lollipop shape - start and finish along \"stick\" with most of rep on loop around Cottenham/Burdette.


·  Total distance = 650m

·  loop = 530m

·  Recovery is back down Cottenham until start of Burdette and back.

Group Repetitions and sets

·  Easy: 4 reps 2 sets

·  Hard 4-5 reps 2 sets

·  Perfomance 8-9, 1 min recovery

Location: Approx. 800m from club

Session goal: Develop speed endurance. 80 -85%. effort Consistent times rather than some faster others slower.

Predominate type of session: Speed endurance

Health and Safety: Night-time session - coaches and runners aware of traffic especially crossing roads (e.g. Copse Hill on way to session). Runners should wear white/reflective clothing or lights. Actual session themselves is relatively quiet traffic-wise as not through route but be aware. Running hazards include tripping hazards stepping up/down kerbs.

Warm-up: Runners warm partly on way to session but need further warm up and the progressive warm up for the faster running required for reps.
This can consist of high knees, heel flicks, skipping and short faster

Cooldown/stretch: Cool down is slow jog back to clubhouse (perhaps extend run back slightly to give longer cool-down time?) followed by stretching for recovery.

Variations: Add extra loop in each rep to give longer distance (2 loops = 1160m, 3 loops = 1690m) - adjust reps accordingly. Alternatively, run session as a pyramid of loops (e.g. 1,2,3,2,1).

Notes from actual sessions: Record observations including safety points, feedback from runners and suggestions for improvements/considerations). Please add a follow-up message (post reply) if you have any coaching comments.