Training This Week

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings: We meet at 7pm at the Belgrave Hall and start running at 7:15.

Saturday Morning Track Session: We meet at the Wimbledon Park Track at 9.30am.

Sunday Morning: We meet at the Wimbledon Common Windmill at 10.00am for our formally coached sessions or 9:30am for longer uncoached runs. These is also Olwen's Sunday group that meet at 9:00am.

For more information and a complete list of training sessions see the full training training schedule.

Fast: Murray Road, 400m x 10
Int/Ave: Murray Road, 400m x 6-8
PROtraining: details under Training

Choice - Fartlek Session - 5-7 Miles with efforts
or - Cottenham/Wool hills - 3-6 efforts x 2.

1000m, 200m rec, 500m, 200m rec
x 4