Training This Week

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings: We meet at 7pm at the Belgrave Hall and start running at 7:15.

Saturday Morning Track Session: We meet at the Wimbledon Park Track at 9.30am.

Sunday Morning: We meet at the Wimbledon Common Windmill at 10.00am for our formally coached sessions or 9:30am for longer uncoached runs.

For more information and a complete list of training sessions see the full training training schedule.

Claire will coach the 5k 22:30+ group and Norman the 5k sub-22:30 group, Both Claire and Norman are cross country enthusiasts. The sessions will be examples of road-based training that benefits cross country performance.
Norman: Polish Fartlek - change of pace based on distance, 700m loop around Deepdale and Parkside x 8
Claire: Steps at Sacred Heart church plus Edge Hill/Darlaston loop 650m 2 x 4.
Di and Caroline will lead a steady social 4 - 5 mile continuous run.
Followed by a cross country Q&A featuring the team captains, Claire and Norman, and Julia Donovan.

PROtraining: Runner Centred session, details under 'TRAINING'

Sub-22:30 5k group
Drax Ave.
6 x (effort 480m @ 5k race pace + recovery 140m @ marathon pace)
3 min recovery
4 x (effort 350m hard steep hill + recovery jog back)

22:3-plus 5k group
Wood/McKay/Dunstall 545m triangle
3 x clockwise 5 K pace and 90s recover @ marathon pace
3 x anti-clockwise 5 K pace and 90s recover @ marathon pace
3 min recovery
3-4 x Wool road to Ernle road 270 m 10 m ascent
fast uphill - recovery downhill 1 mile pace up and marathon pace down

No track training. Quarter Marathon (see below for details).