Monday pool swimming

Swimming starts on 7th June 2021

Have you been missing out on your swimming during lockdown? Well the multi sport team are delighted to announce that the indoor swim sessions will be re-starting at Wimbledon College on 7th June at 19:30. We will have a maximum number of 12 swimmers divided into two wide lanes: slow/medium (100 m freestyle with face in the water in less than 4 minutes) and medium/fast (100 m freestyle in under 2 minutes).

The price is £6 per session (plus booking fee). All sessions require advance registration and unregistered people will be turned away. If you are unable to attend you will be able to cancel and receive a refund (minus your booking fee) up to 24 hours before the session if you cancel via Eventbrite, but no refund if you cancel by email. If you have previously paid for a block of 10 swims in 2020 you have a choice of booking 10 successive sessions or taking a refund.

As with other indoor pools there will be a number of additional safety guidelines to follow and swimmers will need to bring all their own equipment eg pull buoys, fins, kickboard and water bottles.  There will be no changing facilities before or after the swim so you will need to arrive ‘beach ready’ and change at the poolside.  As outdoor shoes are not allowed at the poolside you will also need to bring flipflops. If you are unsure whether this session would be suitable for you please email the team on


Please refer to the attached swimming etiquette and if you have any questions, please ask.