Sunday Social Runs

Sunday Social sessions no longer require advance registration.


Sunday runs are as follows:

Coached Sunday runs - 9.30am: Coached runs start at 9.30 and include 3, 5 and 7 mile options with pauses for regrouping. Nobody is left behind.

If you are looking for a longer run, why not gently run to the Windmill first, and join the 7 mile group?  

To join a coached run, please arrive before 9.30 at the Windmill car park - you'll see a bunch of runners outside the café or on the grass. We can get up to 100 runners in the summer, but generally it's around 50.

If you have questions, email

Longer Sunday runs - 11+ miles - 9:00am or 9.30am: People doing longer runs often start at 9:00 or 9.30am from the Windmill and range from 11 miles up to 21 miles. Some run 11, others go longer if marathon training. There's a range of speeds and routes; some run towards the towpath in Putney, others head off to do laps of Richmond Park. These are uncoached sessions, and numbers of runners vary a lot.  As you get to know people through coming to other club sessions, you'll find yourself arranging to meet them to run on a Sunday, followed by coffee and flapjack at the Windmill.