PROtraining: Individualised Training for Most Distances and Most Standards


Tuesday PROtraining - meet near Wimbledon Windmill


Flexible start from 6-45 pm  Advice and individual briefing + Core Session for early starters

form 7-05   Mobility & Stretching (7 min) - Individual/small group (Optional) + Core Session

Please wear High Visibility clothing and watch out for tree roots, walkers and cyclists. Thank you.


  Each Runner is 


O Briefed individually at start

 O Monitored Constantly during Session


  Choice of Individualised Training Schedules  


O 1mile to Marathon

O Cross Country 

O General training

O Duathlon

O Beginners


or if you are new and for more information

please contact:

Trevor de Silva 

Running: UK Athletics Level 4 Performance Coach and Advance Sports Injuries

Cycling: Asian Games Multiple Medalist and Olympic Games Qualifier     


PROtraining Philosophy

One size does not fit all, so each session is tailored for the individual, based on their standard and aspirations.

 Suitable for most standards, except absolute beginners.

Goal Orientated Training

Runners are encouraged to focus on a few Key Races and structure their training to peak for these events. Use other races as intermediate events We normally have various training options on Tuesdays depending on your race plan and current  fitness.

Prescribed Personal Training Times (PTTs)

We use the Precision Training Protocol developed by Trevor de Silva. A computer programme was used to generate the PTTs. The PTT is a function of current fitness + race target  + type of session + the duration. These times will be given out each Tuesday. They are stored and monitored at each session by two on-site computers.


The available option, duration and number of Repetitions at each session will be communicated by a weekly email to regular participants

Training Options

For race distances: 1 mile, 5k (inc Park Running), 10k, Half Marathon, Triathlons, Duathlons and Iron Man.


Types of PROtraining Session and Acronyms


Threshold Interval Pace 

Short Repetitions: 400m, 500m, 1km and 1mile with varying Recovery Intervals [Increases Resistance & Tolerance to fatigue] - normally specified in weekly email with the generic TP  (88 to 92% MHR and 85 to 89% VO2 max)


Threshold Tempo Pace 

Longer Repetitions, different to Ti and over 1 mile and 2km (High stress repetitions to further Increase Resistance and more sustainable Tolerance to Fatigue)



sub maximal VO2 max Intensity:

 400m, 500m, 1k to Increases Aerobic Capacity by improving oxygen intake and utilisation. (100% MHR and 100% VO2)


one mile Race Pace 

200m, 400m and 500m reps at one Mile Race Pace to Increase Leg speed and Efficiency, specially, in the early season - not essential for Marathon training, unless aiming for sub 2-40 (100% MHR, 100% VO2).


Marathon Pace

Optimises Fat/Glycogen usage with Major Bio-Mechanical changes taking place at this intensity (80-85% max HR, 76-81% VO2)


Easy Pace

 A Vital and very important part of a training schedule: (65 to 78% max HR, 60 to 73% VO2)


of the above

specialised endurance routines like the Cardio 5ive (Trevor de Silva)


Any questions:

Trevor de Silva:

David Bell:

Anne de Silva