All Windmiler events need volunteers to help things run smoothly, and club events can only happen if people get involved.

For example, the monthly club handicap needs marshals to ensure runners don't head down the wrong tracks. It also needs a coordinator, people to hand out race numbers and start times, and timekeepers. Afterwards, results have to be calculated and prizes awarded. So even the smallest race needs a considerable number of helpers.

Many events need volunteers, it's not just races. And it's not always about doing things on the day, a little help with tasks before and after really helps to ease the burden on those who are doing most of the work.

Volunteering is good fun, and will also help ensure you're eligible for the club's ballot for London Marathon places (although ideally that wouldn't be your reason for helping out).

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in 2021, so please look out for notifications. And if there's something you'd like to make happen then just say so. Send ideas to the relevant committee member, and if it doesn't fit then use the feedback@windmilers.org.uk address.

Big thanks to those who were at the Surrey Slog on 25th July. Next volunteer opportunities are:

- 3MH, Tue 27th July

- Wimbledon MABAC, Tue 3rd Aug