All Windmiler events need the help of a team of marshals and volunteers to make sure things run smoothly. The club only functions if people choose to get involved.

For example, the monthly 3 mile handicap that's staged through the summer months needs marshals at every turn to ensure runners don't head off down the wrong tracks! This race also needs an overall coordinator, people to hand out race numbers and start times, plus timekeepers. Once the race is over the results have to be calculated and prizes awarded. So as you can see, even the smallest race needs a considerable number of helpers.

There are plenty of other events which need volunteers, it's not just races. Most of them are good fun to be a part of, and will also help ensure you're eligible for the club's ballot for London Marathon places (although hopefully that wouldn't be your only reason for helping out).

The next thing coming up is the the Wimbledon Common MABAC (Tue 1st Aug), which the club hosts. At present, we're looking extremely thin in terms of help on this.

Please email Colin Harris (mabac@windmilers.org.uk) or Jeff Hoadley (membership@windmilers.org.uk) if you're able to chip in. They (and the club as a whole) would be very grateful.