Informal cycling

Non-coached member-organised rides


80-100 km ‘fast’ group meets at 08:30 on Saturdays at Starbucks Coffee opposite Wimbledon train station. If the pace is too fast you are expected to let the group know and find your own way home. Distances may be longer in the summer.

50-80 km ‘steady & medium’ groups meet at 08:30 on Sundays at Starbucks Coffee opposite Wimbledon train station. The steady & medium groups stay together for the whole ride.

Wednesdays 7 am:

We have just started a new Wednesday early morning Windmilers mid-week cycling season . All levels are welcome. Meeting at Pen Ponds Car Park, Richmond Park. Ride for about 90 minutes. Can cut short earlier.

Gravel rides

From time to time there are also groups that do gravel rides

One of Lee's rides - the Windmill to Windmill.

Pace guide:

•Fast 27-30 km/h on the flats

•Medium 24-28 km/h on the flats

•Steady is 20-24 km/h on the flats


For information on forthcoming member-organised informal rides please join the club’s members-only Facebook group at

Any last minute changes to account for the weather are communicated by private messaging to the known participants. The number of groups and speed/distance depends on how many turn up and how many leaders we have, but we aim to have at least one group, sometimes two.

For non-members thinking of joining the club, E-mail us at if you're planning to come along so we don't leave without you!

A zip file of the usual Garmin routes (GPX files) shows the most popular routes, and has been kindly collated by Lee:

To view a detailed map of the route cycled to Box Hill, visit

Note: These rides are informal member-organised rides, and you are responsible for your own conduct and safety (including the safety of your bicycle and other equipment). You take part at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate third party insurance. Membership of British Cycling, Triathlon England or the CTC can offer you this form of cover.