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Wimbledon Windmilers Cross Country Course


As a club we race in the Surrey Cross Country League. In addition there are a number of other events that the club has members running in. In the Men's race the first 10 men in each team score, in the Women's there are a number of teams that take place. 

However everyone is very welcome to run in these events, as it is a really great series of races and there is a lot of great team spirit.

Further details will be published nearer to each race and can be found on the event calendar.  See link on the top menu.

Surrey Cross Country League recent history

Men's team:

2019-20: 8th place, division 2 (relegated)

2018-19: 6th place, division 2

2017-18: 7th place, division 2

2016-17: 5th place, division 2

2015-16: 5th place, division 2

2014-15: 7th place, division 2

2013-14: 3rd place, division 2

2012-13: 7th place, division 2

2011-12: 1st place, division 3 (promoted)

2010-11: 8th place, division 2 (relegated)

2009-10: 7th place, division 2


Women's team:

2019-20: 3rd place, division 2 (promoted)

2018-19: 4th place, division 2

2017-18: 4th place, division 2

2016-17: 14th place, division 1 (relegated)

2015-16: 2nd place, division 2 (promoted)

2014-15: 13th place, division 1 (relegated)

2013-14: 10th place, division 1

2012-13: ??? place, division 2 (promoted)

2011-12: 15th place, division 1 (relegated)

2010-11: 11th place, division 1


Surrey Cross Country Championships recent history

This stand-alone championship race takes place in January, and has in recent years rotated between Denbies Vineyard, Dorking (even years) and Lloyd Park, Croydon (odd). Expect tough, wintry conditions!

Men's team:

2020: 14th place, first individual Kevin O'Gallagher (69th)

2019: 13th place, Mark Bridges (83rd)

2018: 16th place, Gordon Berry (90th)

2017: 13th place, Mark Bridges (58th)

2016: 10th place, Keith MacIntosh (44th)

2015: 12th place, Keith MacIntosh (51st)

2014: 12th place, Keith MacIntosh (35th)


Women's team:

2020: 13th place, first individual Tila Lomba (25th)

2019: 13th place, Marisha Eygelaar (45th)

2018: 13th place, Bronwyn Mayo (56th)

2017: 12th place, Samantha Pickford (36th)

2016: 11th place, Kate Carter (37th)

2015: 12th place, Chloe Aitken (44th)

2014: 16th place, Elizabeth Irvine (43rd)