Club Coaches

We'd be lost without our coaches. The club can support members who are considering leading or coaching. There’s no correlation with being (or having been) a fast runner, it’s far more important to be interested in helping others develop. If you're interested in getting involved then speak to one of the existing coaches or leaders, or contact the Coaching Rep at

UK Athletics coaches / leaders

  • Andrew Alcock (Leader in Running Fitness - LiRF)
  • Mike Banfi (LiRF)
  • David Bell (Level 3)
  • Andrew Black (Coaching Assistant - CA) (Coaching Representative)
  • Paul Boross (Level 1)
  • Diane Carter (LiRF)
  • Kate Carter (LiRF)
  • Roger Clarke (LiRF)
  • Anne de Silva (Coach in Running Fitness - CiRF)
  • Trevor de Silva (Level 4)
  • Steve Dickinson (Level 2)
  • Lindsay Doy (CA)
  • Caroline Ferrari (LiRF)
  • Steve Fletcher (Level 3)
  • Ralph Gilbert (Level 2)
  • Andrew Gilmour (CA)
  • Jeff Hoadley (Level 2)
  • Keith MacIntosh (CiRF)
  • Steve McCann (CiRF)
  • Gavin McLaughlan (LiRF)
  • Claire Morgan (Level 2)
  • Kate Newton (LiRF)
  • Steve Pallister (LiRF)
  • Mark Palmer (LiRF)
  • Amy Prescott (LiRF)
  • James Spinks (LiRF)
  • David Turner (Level 1)
  • Norman Urquia (CiRF) (Coaching Representative)


LiRF, CA and CiRF are the modern qualifications – more details here 'Levels' were used for qualifications before 2010.


British Triathlon coaches (triathlon)

  • Isabel Gwyther (Level 1)


Further details on British Triathlon coaching:

A register of interests for all coaches can be found in the Files and Documents section of the website.