4 x 5K Club Relay

Club 5k Relay

The club stages 5K relay events every couple of years. This event has been very popular whenever it has been organised, since its first inception for the club&;s 25th anniversary (for teams of 5, because 5x5k = 25).

The last event was held in May 2018.


2018 Race

For 2018 we decided to have a 4 x 5k club relay. This will follow the same format as in previous years, but with four legs instead of five.

This event takes the place of the social 10am runs, and attracts many other runners too. It is designed to be a fun and social event with a workout thrown in, and you get to meet members you with whom you might not normally run.

This relay is for teams of four, which we&;ll put together so that each team has a similar mix of speeds - all teams should take less than 2 hours to complete the four 5K legs.

The Date: Sunday 13th May

Registration: between 9.30am and 10.00am

Race start: 10.15am

Location: Wimbledon Windmill

Format: 4 by 5K

Teams: People should register between 9.30am and 10.00am with your name and (rough) expected 5k time. We&;ll then divide the names into four hats and draw the teams shortly after 10am, where you will find out your teammates.

Running order: That&;s for you and your teammates to decide. Some might send the faster runners out first, some the slower runners. It is all part of the relay.

Pre-registration: This is not necessary, but it will help us plan the event better if you email us your name and approximate 5k - the nearest 30 seconds will do. 3 Mile Handicap times will be fine too.

Marshals and Volunteers: We&;ll need a few marshals and volunteers to support this so if you can help please let us know. In most cases you will be able to run as well.


Start of the 2018 Race

2018 Results below