3 Mile Handicap Results

Want to know how the 3 mile handicap result is calculated?

Well here you go.

There are a number of simple principles to follow

1. You need to have run a race to get an official handicap

2. You need to have an official handicap to get points

3. The person with the most points wins at the end of the season.

How is my handicap calculated?

After you have run your first race of the season you get an official time for the year. As you run more handicaps in the year you best time for the year is used to calculate your handicap. 

If your first race is not until June or July you won't get an official handicap until the following race, but we try and start you roughly in your handicap time.

Your time is compared to the slowest person's time and the difference is you handicap time. There is a rounding allowance so your handicap is to the nearest 30 seconds.

How do I get points?

When you have finished each run, your position in the race is used to calculate the number of points you get.

We use 150 as the starting number of points and ignore those who are running for the first time. Each runner then gets 1 point less than the person in front of them.

So if you finished 10th (assuming all the people in front of you count) you would get 141 points. If 4 people in front of you are running for the 1st time then you get 145 points.

Season calculation

After all the races in the series we add up the points for each runner and the one with the most points in the winner.

There is no age category, no male and female runners. We are all the same when it comes to points.


Summaries from the years are below