3 Mile Handicap

3 Mile Handicap Race Series

The 3 Mile Handicap is a series of events that start and finish near the Wimbledon Windmill. They take place on the last Tues of each month, from April to August. 

Last year we completed the whole thing virtually, however for the first event year we have options for you to either do it virtually or in person.


What: The first of the Wimbledon Windmilers 3 Mile Handicap series

Who: Members only

When: Complete the 3 miles between 27 – 30th April

Where: Either in person or virtually

Time: Submit your time to events@windmilers.org.uk (for both in person and virtual events) by Friday 30th April

To registerhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/150975918035

If you'd like to complete this event in person, you will need to register on Eventbrite and you'll still need to time yourself. The event will take place on the evening of Tuesday 27th April (unless we get too many sign ups, then Wednesday 28th may also be an option) and shall be on the Wimbledon Common parkrun course. Everyone will be set off in 15s intervals. When you arrive, please go to the 'start queue' where runners shall stand by an allocated cone, socially distanced from others to queue to start the run. 

You'll be sent an event briefing when you sign up, please read it, or you can look at the attachment below (log in to see the attachment).

You can familliarise yourself with the course here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/wimbledon/course



Simon Adams

Brynjar Agnarsson

Amelia Ashton-Jones

Michael Banfi 

Johnny Bell

Sally Bovill

Claire Boynton

Jack Boynton

kerry brown

Annabel Burn

Kate Carter

John Carter

Richard Cohen

James Constable

Jeremy Copp

Anne Davies

Jo Dawes

Mila De clercq

Julia Donovan


Mike Forder

Chris Fox

John Gorst

Rachel Gower

James Gurden

Isabel Gwyther

James Hamilton

Matthew Haughton

Richard Herring

James Hughes

Tessa Kelly

Martin Jimack

Stephanie Langton

Radhika Lingham

Jasper Lloyd

Emma Lonnen

Brian McDermott

Phil McElhinney

Nick McKay

Simona Melone

claire morgan

Clare Mullenger

Tim Naughton

Duncan Newbury

Simon Olney

Louisa Parker

Jess Rowan 


chiara samele

David Sharman

Lowendo Stevens

Peter Tayar-Watson

Regina Tayar-Watson

Gareth Tomlinson

norman urquia

Michaela Williams-Black

Nick Wright

Simon Wright

Alyson Young

Lorna Young