Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 13th to 19th May and the Windmilers will be marking it with a Run & Talk event on Sunday 12th May (9.30am from the Windmill).

Taking the place of the regular Sunday social runs, there will be 3 and 5 mile options. 

The aim of Run and Talk is to join together to give people the courage to talk about how they feel, enabling them to seek help should they need it. We’re not aiming to psychoanalyse each other, just to raise awareness and help break down the stigma around talking about our mental health.

This years MHAW theme: “Movement: Moving more for our mental health” is perfect for us runners: we already know how positive running can be for both our mental and physical well being. 

We’re looking forward to having great conversations while we run next Sunday and getting to know our fellow runners a little bit better and  we hope many of you will stay on to continue the socialising and great conversations in the Windmill Tea Rooms. 

Another great way to support action on mental health while you run is through the Mental Health Foundation’s #MilesForMentalHealth challenge

And you can read some great accounts of how running has helped other runners with their mental health in this article

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Check out the #RunAndTalk podcast too!