The club’s Awards and race ballot policies have been updated to reflect how the club operates today. The club’s awards and ballots are intended to recognise those who participate in the life of the club, through volunteering and competing for the club. The spirit of these policies remains unchanged.

Wimbledon Windmilers club race place ballot policy

Through our England Athletics (EA) affiliation, we have a small allocation of places for the London Marathon, based on the number of individual EA-registered members in the Club. We also have opportunities for club places in other races. We hold a draw for these places at the end of the year, usually at the annual awards event. The objective of this policy is to ensure that club places are allocated fairly to those who have contributed to the club.

Wimbledon Windmilers Awards, trophies and prizes policy

The club makes a series of awards every year. We invite members, coaches and Committee members to submit nominations for the awards. These nominations are then reviewed by an awards sub-committee and the final awards announced at the Club’s annual awards event.

Club race place ballot policy updates since 2016

  • Objective: Added an objective for the policy
  • Club participation criteria: Restated the participation criteria into five categories
    • Representing the club at events
    • Volunteering at events
    • Volunteering in a committee or non-committee role
    • Volunteering as a club coach
    • Additional criteria, if appropriate
  • Club events: Added a definition of what is a club event
  • Committee has final say: Added a qualification that the Committee has the final say on which activities represent a contribution to the club and hence qualify a member to enter the ballot
  • Eligibility for ballot entry: Deleted the ‘Priority for places’ section and replaced it with a requirement for members to qualify for three of the club participation criteria (instead of two) if they have run the London marathon before or won the club ballot before
  • First Claim: Stated that eligibility is for first claim members only
  • Other race ballots: Added a section on club ballots for races other than the London Marathon
  • Edits to remove repetition and improve clarity

Awards, trophies and prizes policy updates since 2017

  • Awards list: Divided awards into 6 core awards to be awarded every year, plus additional awards to be awarded when appropriate.
  • Windmiler of the year: Amalgamated ‘Runner of the year’ with Windmiler of the year, since members sometimes confused these two awards.
  • 3 disciplines: Awards apply to all three sports disciplines unless otherwise stated
  • Gendered awards: Removed gendered awards, noting that each award can be awarded to more than one member
  • Volunteer award: Added Volunteer of the year, an award that has been in use since 2018
  • Supervet awards: Deleted the supervet awards, since the veteran award can be awarded to any age from 35+ so there is no need to have a separate category specifically for 45+ or 50+. The majority of club members are veterans.
  • Coaches award: Left coaches award under additional awards, though coaches can also be recognised under Volunteer of the year
  • Club events: Added a definition of what is a club event
  • Club participation criteria: Matched the club participation criteria to those in the race ballot policy
  • Eligibility for awards: Expanded the section on criteria for club awards, changed to represent guiding criteria for the awards sub-committee rather than points-based qualifying criteria 
  • First claim: Stated that eligibility is for first claim members only
  • Voting: Discontinued on-the-night voting for Windmiler of the Year
  • Trophies & prizes: Added a section on trophies & prizes
  • Process: Described the awards process, noting key dates through the year
  • Edits to remove repetition and improve clarity

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