We are an inclusive and friendly club. We expect our members to always behave in an appropriate way. We remind everyone that we have a code of conduct including anti-bullying and disciplinary policies. All communication via the WhatsApp Community and Groups is subject to these policies, and any misconduct will be dealt with appropriately. We will operate zero tolerance to inappropriate, harassing, discriminatory and bullying behaviour.

No one should use the Community or Groups for personal gain or for soliciting other members. If any member feels that the behaviour of someone is inappropriate, then we would encourage them to take a screenshot of the behaviour and share it with Welfare on [email protected] and/or Community on [email protected].

Nobody should feel it appropriate to contact anyone else directly or privately unless that is clearly asked for and relevant to the ongoing running of the club’s activities. It is unnecessary to save people’s mobile numbers to your own device, and they should also not be distributed to any third parties.

Any misconduct in the WhatsApp community or groups will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately by the relevant WhatsApp group administrator, who will escalate for committee attention if required.

Communications in each WhatsApp group should be limited to the topic of that group. If it is felt that a group is missing or needed, then a request for a new separate group can be made. This can be done within the community itself, and it will be reviewed by the moderators.

In signing up to the Wimbledon Windmilers WhatsApp Community you agree to share your personal data with WhatsApp (please see their privacy terms here) and the club, including your name and mobile number.

The club will only use your personal data for the purpose of administering this Community. You should be aware that your personal data [ie your name and phone number] will be viewably by other What’sApp group participants and, for the purposes of managing the club’s WhatsApp Community, all the Community Adminstrators will have visibility of the phone numbers of all Community participants on their devices.

The Wimbledon Windmilers privacy statement can be found at https://www.windmilers.org.uk/privacy/