Background: In 2022 the idea of having a ‘Volunteers Handbook’ arose during an audit the welfare team conducted on the club’s welfare processes. The volunteers handbook goes alongside our ‘Role descriptions’ document, posted here (members-only)

The Volunteers handbook is intended to encourage members to volunteer for the club and to ensure that the club has clear processes in place to manage the safe recruitment of club volunteers and to facilitate volunteers’ enjoyment and satisfaction in their contributions to the club. It accompanies the club’s Role Descriptions document. These processes help to safeguard the club’s integrity and its members and can generate interest in volunteering and lead to better retention of volunteers.

What is a volunteer? A volunteer is anyone who does something for the Club’s benefit without receiving a financial reward or benefit in kind. Before accepting the role of volunteer, the individual concerned will agree that they can fulfil the volunteer role expectations. The club or the volunteer may withdraw from the volunteer arrangement at any time, both parties being encouraged to provide as much notice as possible.

England Athletics’ safe recruitment guidance: A recent EA booklet on safe recruitment is a relevant guide ( Note that we have not implemented all recommendations. For example, we do not use an application form and we do not currently take references for any club roles.