So, what exactly is happening? 

At last year’s AGM, we spoke about a review of the Club logo and kit in the AGM open discussion, and this was also documented in the AGM minutes and committee minutes throughout 2022. The committee stands as the voice of the club and intend to ensure its longevity and support future members and future committees. 

So, we are reviewing our club logo and kit design (including the material and supplier of the club kit). This is a natural process, ensuring the club remains relevant and fresh and we can continue to use the logo in an ever-increasing digital world. The logo was worked on via the committee who then put the final two options to the club for a vote, while the race kit is being put to a focus group to discuss design.

Is this the first time the logo and kit are changing?

No. The logo has evolved slowly over time, in several different forms. It has remained largely consistent, with incremental changes being made to elements, like adding a base or redesigning the sails. This is the first time an official change/simplification is being made, though we are still focussing on keeping it true to its namesake. A logo is intended to represent the club identity, and as such is a simplified representation, rather than an intricately lifelike image.

The kit has also been changed in the club’s history. You may still see the black vest with a single horizontal white line gracing the common on occasion. The current kit design has been in place since 2011. Since then we have also changed materials and suppliers. All of this as part of keeping us moving forward as a club.

I’m so excited! When is all of this going to be finalised?

The logo is now finalised. We put the final two options to a vote and one of the options came out tops – it was a close race though. We’ll be communicating the new logo very soon. The kit will take a little more time to resolve as it is more complex. We are hoping that after the focus group in early Feb we will be able to make some final amends to the design and then get one or two samples made up for the AGM. where we will launch the kit as part of the future-looking segment. This is also what happened at the 2011 launch.

Why we are restyling the club logo

There are many reasons to update and modernise the club logo. We would of course like to be viewed as a modern, progressive, inclusive club, appealing and relatable to potential new members as well as existing ones.  It has been repeatedly proven that simple logos are more legible and memorable. They also work far better in a range of formats, including all our digital ones, and are more easily reproducible on fabric, print and online. It also means that for the first time, we will have a high-res, usable version to be used on the kit, the website and any other materials we might produce. To be clear, this does not mean the end of the original version of the windmill drawing. There is still a place for it in our club, just not as a logo.

Would we normally approve this at an AGM? 

No – the AGM’s primary purpose is to report on the club’s activity, approve the finances and elect the committee who will manage the club’s affairs in the coming year. AGM motions can be used when a member vote is required to change the constitution, or to request action relating to a non-constitutional matter. The committee listens to member feedback and makes judgements on when member consultation is required. Member consultation can take place at any time of year and is not restricted to the AGM. The previous kit change was not approved at the AGM but – as with this time – launched at it. 

Should the club have been consulted outside of the AGM?

The club consists of around 550 members, and deciding anything by mass consultation is slow and unworkable. As such the committee, as elected representatives of the club, sometimes need to move things forward to be efficient. We are still a community club and this is the reason we put some choices to our members, so they could have a say in which logo we went with. Racing kit is more personal – our members wear it at events and in races, and as such it definitely needs some further consultation to ensure it is appropriate in terms of fit, design and material. For this reason we set up a focus group to consult with on club kit. 

Why are we updating the kit?

Our club kit is a roaming advert for the club. People see us wearing it and might be prompted to enquire about joining us, or be prompted to search for us as a running club to join when they wish to become part of one. This means that it needs to be something we want to wear while we participate in our chosen activity. 

Meanwhile fabric and technology are always evolving, as are styles and designs. Many of our runners have fed back that the current club vest is heavy, not very breathable and causes chafing. And such, they are choosing not to wear it to represent the club, unless they have to. So the kit focus group will be reviewing our current supplier, looking at alternatives, and reviewing the quality of materials on offer. Our focus group will review the materials and designs to make sure they are appropriate for all – including all shapes, sizes and abilities. As a club, we should expect changes and tweaks like this to be done periodically. 

Will it be more expensive?

No. We are currently reviewing a different supplier where the cost is similar. We will consider cost and ease of managing and ordering club kit when making a decision about a supplier. 

Will I have to buy a new vest to race in?  

No. There will be no obligation to purchase or wear the new club kit. Of course we will encourage people to do so, if they can, and the existing kit will no longer be for sale. 

Will my old club kit still be valid for races?

Yes. We are allowed to register multiple kit designs with England Athletics and as such you can race in any Windmilers kit, new or old.

Are we going to use the full ‘Wimbledon Windmilers’ name?

Yes of course, that’s who we are! Plus of course Wimbledon is a globally recognised location.

Will there be room to add my name on the vest?

Yes, we plan on this being an option as we know so many people love having it. There are restrictions on the size of the name as per England Athletics rules, so we will ensure these are adhered to.

Which kit is being changed?

At the moment we are just focussing on the running race kit. Once we have this finalised we will look to the multisport kit as well as non-race kit. We will continue with the range of items as we currently have.

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