We announced our award winners at our Christmas Party on Thursday evening, and for those that weren’t there, here are our winners. Congratulations to them all!

Windmiler of the year – Hannah Carr and Andy Tan 

Female Athlete of the year – Kate Carter 

Male Athlete of the year – Chris Fox 

Performance of the year – Harald Thorstein and Lisa Wood 

Improver of the year – Claire Boynton and Sam Walker

Multisport Athlete of the year – Steve Pallister 

Veteran of the year – Mike Forder 

Volunteer of the year – Colin Harris and Lee Williams

Comeback of the year – Charles Leonard 

Coach of the year – Johnny Bell 

And some others to celebrate – our unsung heroes – Caroline Ferrari, Isabel Gwyther, David Turner, Jeff Hoadley.

On the night we also drew the club ballot and our three places for 2023 went to: Miriam Olivier, Joe Halter and James Hughes.

Well done all! If you haven’t received your trophy, we’ll be in touch.